SCA Online Intergroup

Thank you for visiting. Online Intergroup of Sexual Compulsives Anonymous is an umbrella organization of electronic SCA meetings, through telephone and on the Web.

We encourage members to attend face-to-face meetings, and the SCA International Web site can help you find one through its International Meeting List. Not all communities have face-to-face meetings, so please feel free to join our online meetings as an alternative.

Telephone Meetings

Open to those who are, or think they might be, sexually compulsive. Complete the form at for an invitation. Meetings are conducted in English.

SUNDAYS 4 PM (New York time)
WEDNESDAYS 4 PM (New York time)
FRIDAYS 2 PM (New York time)

NOTE: The conference call system that is used for the telephone meetings allows most people to call in free or at low cost via several common Internet telephony services, depending on where you live, and at normal local tariffs via regular phone to local numbers provided by the conference call service in many parts of the world. In rare cases, long distance charges may apply.

Web Meetings

Meetings are protected by password. Complete the form at to request it.

The meetings you will find on this site are message boards. In the message board meetings, members post messages and other members read and respond. We currently have two meetings on this site, open 24/7.

TOPIC MEETING: In this message board meeting, the focus is a specific topic for discussion suggested by the members at the beginning and middle of the month. Through these discussions we deepen our understanding of the topic so it can be more effective in our recovery. Members are encouraged to share their experience, strength and hope here as it relates to the topic. Responding directly to another's post is discouraged.

FEEDBACK MEETING: This message board meeting is where members can share experience, strength and hope on any subject they choose. They may also request feedback, or not, as desired. Feedback is not advice or criticism. It can simply mean identifying with the poster, sharing words of encouragement, or relaying program slogans or tools that have helped the responder.

Other Resources

In addition to the meetings, there is also the Recovery Byte Cafe, where members can get to know one another in a less structured way. Members use this area to "check in" (sharing how they are doing in their recovery), or simply to share what's going on in their lives. This is an area for conversation.

Please also feel free to visit the SCA International home page periodically. There are many resources available there which others have found helpful.