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About Online Intergroup

Online Intergroup of Sexual Compulsives Anonymous is an SCA service body and umbrella organization of electronic SCA meetings, held by telephone and on the Internet.

If you are new to SCA, please be sure to read the Online Intergroup Welcome Message.

If you are coming to us from other parts of SCA, please note that Online Intergroup is an independent and autonomous SCA Intergroup, serving the needs of various autonomous electronic and telephonic SCA meetings. Both Online Intergroup and the individual online and telephone meetings have separate Trusted Servants and service structures from other parts of SCA. Please contact the appropriate parties at Online Intergroup with any queries about our meetings, and please consider getting involved in service for the online and telephone meetings.

Our intergroup is known variously as: SCA Online Intergroup, Online Intergroup of SCA, Online Intergroup, OIG, OI, SCA-OIG, SCA-OI, Intergroup or “the group.” The formal name of our Delaware state registered non-profit corporation is Online Intergroup of Sexual Compulsives Anonymous, Inc.

Online Intergroup holds periodic business meetings by conference call, typically on a quarterly basis. Our regular business meetings are open to all Online Intergroup online and telephone meeting members. Trusted servants, including telephone meeting moderators, are encouraged to attend. Notices of business meetings are posted in the online meetings area and sent to all telephone meeting members by email. Elections for Online Intergroup officers are held annually, normally in December.

There are currently three online meetings and three telephone meetings forming part of the Online Intergroup SCA meetings grouping. The web and telephone meetings are hosted respectively on the internet website and the Calliflower conferencing service that are maintained by Online Intergroup.

The online meetings we provide are the message board meetings referred to as the Feedback Meeting, Topic Meeting, and Acting-In Recovery Meeting. Additional resources associated with these meetings are the Recovery Lounge socializing area, the Chips & Medallions adjunct meeting area, and the Bulletin Board administrative information area. The website hosting our online meetings and the related member-use areas also holds SCA program literature and information, Online Intergroup resources and our historic Intergroup Business records. The website and online meetings are available and open to all SCA members worldwide.

The telephone meetings we put on are the Sunday, Wednesday and Friday weekly telephone meetings, hosted by voice conference call. The telephone meetings are conducted in English and are open to all SCA members worldwide.

For more detailed online and telephone meeting information, please see the “Home Page” and “Meetings” tabs at the top of each web page of this website.

We strongly encourage members to attend in-person (or “face-to-face”) meetings, and the SCA International Website (linked at the bottom of each Online Intergroup web page) can help you find one through its International Meeting List. Not all communities have face-to-face meetings, so please feel free to join our online and/or telephone meetings as a way to work the SCA Program of Recovery.

While the information on this page is specifically about Online Intergroup, if you would like to read more about the general nature and functioning of an SCA Intergroup as a service body, our “Resources – Other Literature & Resources” section includes a write-up entitled “Intergroup.”

Thank you for visiting Online Intergroup and helping us fulfill our primary purpose of carrying the message of recovery from sexual compulsion to the sexual compulsive who still suffers. We welcome you to our community and hope you will benefit from the meetings and resources we offer.

Please remember that, wherever you are in the world, Online Intergroup is your local intergroup!

In recovery and fellowship,

Online Intergroup of SCA