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Four Obstacles to Success

Four Obstacles to Success

All SCA meetings are intended to be constructive, helpful, loving and understanding. In striving toward those ideals, we avoid matters that can distract us from our goals and that can cause dissension.

  1. Discussion of Religion
    SCA is not allied with any sect or denomination; it is a spiritual program, based on no form of religion. Everyone is welcome, no matter what their affiliation, or none. Let us not defeat our purpose by entering into discussions concerning specific religious beliefs.

  2. Gossip
    We meet to help ourselves and others to learn and to use the SCA approach to achieve freedom from our sexual compulsion. In such mutual support, gossip cannot be permitted. We do not discuss other members; our dedication to anonymity guarantees the safety of our program for those in pain. Careless repeating of matters heard in meetings can destroy the very foundation of our work together. Let us be ever vigilant in resisting the temptation to criticize others, to judge others, or to make comparisons to others.

  3. Dominance
    Our leaders are chosen not to govern, but to serve. No member of SCA should direct, assume authority, or give advice. Our program is based on suggestions, sharing of experience and personal insight, and rotation of leadership. Everyone makes progress in their own way and pace. Any attempt to manage or direct is likely to have disastrous consequences for group harmony.

  4. Sensational Language
    In the First Step of the program, we admitted our powerlessness over sexual compulsion. In SCA we seek to recover the power to choose responsibly when and where we wish to be sexually aroused. Therefore, it cannot help our common efforts to use language or descriptions calculated to arouse sexual desire in others. We also avoid specifically identifying locations where persons can “act out” their sexual compulsion. Such identification may defeat the efforts of others seeking freedom from sexual compulsion.