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Online Meetings Information Page

This page provides a summary of key information about the online meetings, and what is needed to join them.

Introduction and Privacy

Online Intergroup strives for an appropriate balance between anonymity, privacy, safety, security and practicality, while seeking to foster the sense of community that is part of 12-Step recovery.

With the launch of our new website in September, 2020, we have moved from the previous open registration system to a more secure process. Instead of the general username and password which provided access to the online meetings in the past, our site now requires a unique username, email address and password for each individual member. This is similar in approach to the system Online Intergroup has had in operation for its telephone meetings since inception in July, 2011. The new website and registration system allow numerous additional features members have expressed a desire for over the years.

Please read our Privacy Policy (linked at the bottom of the page) for more specific information on how we treat your information.


All SCA Online Intergroup recovery meetings are CLOSED meetings, which means that they are open to all SCA members and anyone with a desire to recover from sexual compulsion.

The meetings you will find on this site are message boards. In these meetings, members post messages and other members read and respond. We currently have three meetings and a socializing area on the site, open “24/7” — around the clock on an ongoing basis.

The meeting resources offered are the:

Feedback for Recovery Meeting
Topic Discussion Meeting
Acting In Recovery Meeting
Recovery Lounge Socializing Area
Chips & Medallions Adjunct Area
Bulletin Board Administrative Information Section

For fuller meeting information, please read the descriptions in the Online Meetings section of the home page.


In order to sign up for the online meetings, you will need to provide:

a first name and last initial,
a unique username,
a valid email address,
a display name (member name).

These items are used to create your unique member profile for the site.  

When you set up your profile, you will be asked to select a unique password. Passwords must be 6 or more characters.

Your email address and username are not visible to other members, with the exception of a limited number of trusted servants, who can see them for administrative purposes only.


Once registered, you can sign into the site and gain access to the online meetings with either your username, or the email address you provide, plus your password.

The password you choose is confidential, and known only to you. Please keep it secure and private.

Please do not share your site registration details with anyone else.


Usernames must be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 15 characters, and have no spaces.

Usernames selected must be broadly appropriate, polite and socially acceptable in order to be approved.

If another member already has the same username you select, you will be prompted to change it or add further identifying information.

Once finalized, usernames are fixed in the system and cannot be changed. To do that, they must be deleted and a new profile with a separate email address must be created.

Please also see the “Display Name” section below in connection with selecting your username. Your username can be different from your display name.

Email Address

The email address you choose to provide when registering is up to you, but we will use it as needed for any administrative correspondence related to the online meetings.

For privacy, and as a personal convenience, some members opt to set up a special, private email address for recovery purposes, and use it for registering for the meetings, along with any correspondence they may choose to have with other members.

Please read our Privacy Policy (linked at the bottom of the page) for more specific information on encryption and the security of communication.

Display Name

The display name is how your name will appear as a member in the meetings. This is what other members who log in will see.

Online meeting etiquette mirrors in-person meetings to the extent possible. Each meeting is the online equivalent of a face-to-face SCA meeting, at which members use first names when sharing. It is the group conscience of the online meetings that members post using first names, with a last initial to distinguish one name from another.

In line with the Online Intergroup telephone meetings, the online meetings maintain a system whereby each member attending has a unique registration/display name, and sometimes additional identifying information may be needed. If you are registered for the telephone meetings, we strongly encourage you to use the same details for the online meetings as you have for your telephone meeting registration name, and vice versa.

We may cross-check your information between the two types of meeting and ask you to use a matching registration/display name.

If another member already has the same display name you select, you will be prompted to add further identifying information. In this case, US members will usually add the abbreviation for their state in brackets at the end of their name. That is often the standard we suggest. Other options are to add another initial, or the second letter of your last name, or a location as well, such as your city, or an abbreviation for your city, or your state/province/county/country. 

At times, we may add distinguishing information to your registration/display name ourselves.


Our site has a “Contact Us” link at the top and bottom of each page. Clicking this will generate a form.

A contact form has been provided for essential queries. Communications received will be directed to the relevant Online Intergroup trusted servants. Please note that all service for the online meetings is done by SCA members in a volunteer capacity, solely as a service to the group. These trusted servants do their best to handle the inquiries and tasks that come their way, but their time is limited. Please review the information on this site for answers to any queries you may have before contacting the trusted servants.

Once you have signed up for the meetings, please use the email address you receive your registration acknowledgement from for any further correspondence with the trusted servants.

Safety and Security

Please note that we are a recovery community of closed SCA meetings, dealing with a sensitive area of life.

Please read the meeting formats and group consciences for each meeting, which detail posting guidelines and safety measures that are in place for all sharing areas. These can be reviewed in the Online Intergroup Information area under “Resources,” as well as in the password-protected meetings themselves.

The first few posts by new members will be held back by the system and reviewed by a trusted servant for appropriateness prior to release.

Member Inactivity

If members sign up but do not post in the online meetings, their registration is likely to be suspended or deleted if they have been inactive for a period.

If this happens and you want to resume participating in the meetings, you can contact the trusted servants to arrange for the reinstatement of your registration.

Ready to Join?

If you find yourself in the right place, we look forward to sharing our Experience, Strength and Hope with you!

To sign up for the online meetings, you can click on any “log in” or “sign up” area on the home page, or at the top of any page, or use any of the online meeting links on the home page, or in the “Meetings” section at the top of any page of our site.

Thank you for your interest in the online meetings.

Online Intergroup of SCA