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Key Literature

This section contains a listing of many of the key texts and documents that are read at SCA meetings and used by SCA members in working the SCA Program.

Included are the basic readings that are read at the beginning and end of SCA meetings, including the Online Intergroup telephone meetings. A number of these texts are printed on the SCA Four-Fold introductory leaflet. A copy of the full SCA Four-Fold is also included. This can be downloaded, kept handy and used by telephone meeting members for reading out the basic readings during phone meetings they attend, or for general reference by any member.

Also provided in this section are the Online Intergroup Welcome Message and many of the publications that are especially helpful to newcomers to SCA. Particularly useful are “Twenty Questions” (SCA’s self-evaluation questionnaire for sexual compulsivity), “Q & A for Newcomers to SCA,” “Moving Through Withdrawal” and “Sponsorship in SCA.” Writings used by members who have been attending SCA meetings for some time, but that are also relevant and helpful to newer members, are “Fourteen Ways to Avoid a Slip,” “What About Masturbation?” and “Secret Shame.” A self-explanatory title that is geared to all stages of recovery is “Avoiding Common Pitfalls on the Road of Recovery.” 

Both the AA Ninth Step Promises and the SCA Promises—which record many of the potential benefits of working the SCA Program of Recovery—appear here. “The Promises of Sexual Compulsives Anonymous” are extracted from our literature. They show the hope and promise our program holds out for recovery from sexual compulsion.

SCA is entirely self-supporting, and a reminder is included that there is a cost for producing and distributing SCA literature, and of carrying out SCA’s mission to be there for sexual compulsives seeking recovery. Members are asked to bear this in mind and contribute towards literature costs under SCA’s Seventh Tradition if they can. A link to the SCA International Service Organization’s donation page is provided.

Click on any link in the panel listing to reach the resources and read the documents.