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Literature Use & Donations

The majority of online and telephone meeting members have purchased and own their own copies of SCA literature titles, be they print or electronic publications.

Unlike other groups in the world, we do not hold in-person meetings, where group copies of many SCA publications are available for use at meetings, and by members.

This site hosts meetings that are the equivalent of a home group to most of our members. Through the recovery community it nurtures, the telephone meetings were established, which are available internationally to all SCA members.

Many of us of the online and telephone meetings know each other well, but have never met in person, or only rarely do. Yet we have deep and effective recovery relationships, through working the SCA program together, and carrying its message of recovery from sexual compulsion to others worldwide, electronically.

This site provides texts that are essential in working with others and meeting our group responsibilities under SCA’s Fifth Tradition: “Each group has but one primary purpose — to carry its message to the sexual compulsive who still suffers.”

SCA is entirely self-supporting under the Seventh Tradition: “Every SCA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.” This is a reminder that there is a cost for producing and distributing SCA literature, and of carrying out SCA’s mission to be there for sexual compulsives seeking recovery. Members are asked to bear this in mind and contribute towards literature costs under SCA’s Seventh Tradition if they can. This can be done via the SCA International Service Organization or ISO donation page.

SCA members can make direct individual contributions to ISO of up to US$5,000 per year. In order to minimize bank and payment company service charges that are deducted for funds transfers, it is suggested that individual contribution amounts be US$10 or more. 

Please note that regular Seventh Tradition contributions to Online Intergroup itself, made by members towards covering our everyday group expenses (such as operating the website and teleconferencing service for the online and telephone meetings) are separate. Regular contributions to Online Intergroup should be made via the Online Intergroup donation page.