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SCA is a 12-Step fellowship, inclusive of all sexual orientations, open to anyone with a desire to recover from sexual compulsion. The Third Tradition states that the only requirement to be a member of SCA is a desire to stop having compulsive sex. In our collective experience, this includes not only impulsive and harmful sexual behaviors, but also problems such as romantic obsession, addiction to people, love or relationships, addiction to sexual or romantic fantasy, and the constant search for intimacy. SCA is open to all those with a desire to recover from sexual compulsion in any and all of its manifold forms of expression, including the use of technology to avoid intimacy and the compulsive avoidance of sex, also known as sexual anorexia. Anyone qualifying under SCA’s Third Tradition is welcome to attend our meetings. You are a member of SCA when you decide you are.

I would like to attend the online meetings. I have a desire to recover from sexual compulsion. Please send a registration acknowledgement to the email address I have provided. I understand that I will receive an initial email acknowledgement and occasional administrative correspondence by email at the email address I have provided, for as long as I am registered as a participant for the online meetings.

For more detailed information, please see the Online Meetings Information Page.