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Online Intergroup Newcomer Package

Dear Member,

Welcome to SCA!

For those who are new to SCA and have a desire to recover from sexual compulsion, our newcomer package provides helpful documents and information about SCA, including examples of sexual recovery plans and information on literature about recovery from sexual compulsion.

These materials are practical reference resources that new members can review and use as they progress in their recovery.

Please feel free to download and keep the following documents on hand for your personal use, as you may find appropriate: 

SCA For the Newcomer Leaflet (coming soon)

SCA Four-Fold Introductory Leaflet

SCA Blue Book Sexual Recovery Plan

SCA Three Column Sexual Recovery Plan

SCA Quadrant Sexual Recovery Plan

Winter 2003 SCAnner Newsletter on Sexual Recovery Plan

SCA Toronto Literature Information Sheet

SCA Sponsor Pool Flyer

These items are also available on other areas of our website, but we have collected them together here as a convenience and aid for new members.

The SCA “For the Newcomer” leaflet contains information about SCA that is specifically geared to those who are new to SCA. It is a brief overview of SCA as a spiritual program of suggestions, the 12 Steps, meetings, the sexual recovery plan, sponsors and pertinent SCA literature.

The SCA Four-Fold introductory leaflet contains core SCA texts. These include the “The Characteristics Most of Us Seem to Have in Common” and the “Twenty Questions” self-evaluation questionnaire for newcomers to SCA.

The SCA Blue Book Sexual Recovery Plan is the elementary outline from SCA’s basic text. The Three Column Sexual Recovery Plan has been in use for quite some time, and has been popular in New York. The Quadrant Sexual Recovery Plan is a more recent approach, and was developed in Los Angeles. 

The Winter, 2003 SCAnner Newsletter (SRP Edition) contains a comprehensive review and numerous examples of how to draft a personal Sexual Recovery Plan.

The Literature Information Sheet includes details of SCA titles, other 12-Step recovery titles, treatment resource titles, and various publications on sexual recovery written from a psychological perspective.

Print copies of SCA literature can be ordered from SCA’s International Service Organization (ISO) via the ISO Literature Store.

Particularly useful for newcomers are “SCA – A Program of Recovery” (also known as the SCA Blue Book) and “Moving Through Withdrawal.”  “Q&A” (Questions & Answers – A Guide for Newcomers) is also helpful for general information about SCA.

“Secret Shame” and “What About Masturbation?” are chapters in the SCA Blue Book. However, for those who may want them, these two titles are also sold separately as stand-alone pamphlets. “Secret Shame” is sold in print form, but “What About Masturbation?” is available only as an e-book.

Some of the SCA publications can be viewed in PDF format (for titles where there is a link to a download) via the ISO Literature Order Page.

Particularly useful for newcomers is “Avoiding Common Pitfalls on the Road of Recovery.”

For members who are interested in e-books as opposed to hard copy literature, Google Books (Google Play), Amazon (requires a Kindle reader) and Apple (Apple Books) also sell electronic copies of SCA publications. The following links are to the applicable SCA titles:

Google Books (no special reader required)

Amazon (needs a Kindle reader)

Apple Books

Currently, Apple Books only offers the SCA Blue Book.

A resource read by some SCA members and used at some SCA meetings is the SAA Basic Text

One of the Tools of Recovery is sponsorship. The “Resources – Other Literature and Resources” section of this website has materials on sponsorship in SCA, along with a write-up specifically for online and telephone meeting members on How to Get a Sponsor.

In this, the last option noted is that the SCA Inreach Committee maintains an International Sponsor List of SCA members worldwide, who are willing to sponsor other members remotely by phone, email, mail, Skype etc. all over the world. Details of how it operates can be reviewed in the SCA Sponsor Pool Flyer.

SCA’s fellowship-wide newsletter is now in blog form, and can be found on the web at SCAnnerOnline.

The SCAnner Online site also includes many helpful materials in its “Print Archive.” These reflect the Experience, Strength and Hope of SCA members.

A listing of SCA meetings worldwide can be viewed on the SCA International Service Organization website’s International Meeting List

In addition, the Online Intergroup website contains a lot of other helpful information which you can review over time. Materials are located in the “Resources” section, under “Key Literature” and “Other Literature and Resources.”

We hope these resources are of help to you!

In recovery,

Online Intergroup of SCA