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Online Intergroup Information

This section contains general information about Online Intergroup, and service materials.   

“About Online Intergroup” gives a summary of the basic structure of our Intergroup and details the various SCA meetings we offer. It also provides a list of the various ways our intergroup may be referred to, including abbreviations.

“Online Intergroup History” contains a summary of the Intergroup’s beginnings and activities over the years it has been in existence. Significant events and accomplishments by both the group and its individual members are detailed from 1996 onwards. Included in this section is the Winter, 2001 SCAnner newsletter article about the beginnings of the online meetings, as an extract from the full publication. That edition of the SCAnner newsletter was entitled “The Beginnings of SCA.”

The “Service Materials” section provides a quick reference library of links for key Online Intergroup service documents. Included are the texts of the Meeting Formats and Group Consciences for all the online meetings, as well as the Recovery Lounge Guidelines. These materials are available for review by members and both review and use by trusted servants.

Items such as the 7th Tradition Reminder are intended both for reference by members and use by the Online Intergroup trusted servants in carrying out their service work.

Click on any link in the panel listing to reach the resources and read the documents.