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Request Access to the Online Meetings

Complete the form below to request the user name and password needed to access the online SCA meetings.  Push the "Send E-Mail" button when you have completed the form.

In pushing the button, you are acknowledging either that you are a member of SCA or that you qualify for membership in SCA. (The Third Tradition states that "the only requirement for SCA membership is a desire to stop having compulsive sex.") A volunteer will respond with the User Name and Password.

Both the User Name and Password need to be entered in all-capital letters to work. Once you have the User Name and Password, you can click on the online meetings link here. and go to the available meetings. Please note that SCA's Web-based online meetings take the form of continuously functioning chat boards.

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I qualify for membership in SCA, as I have a desire to stop having compulsive sex.  I would like to attend an online SCA meeting.  Please forward the user name and password necessary for me to access these meetings.

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