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Other Literature & Resources

This section contains a listing of many of the texts and documents that are used by SCA members in working the SCA Program, with a particular emphasis on practical materials and specific aspects of recovery work.

There is a discussion of defining Sexual Sobriety, as well as of the Sexual Recovery Plan (SRP) as a tool. Examples of template Sexual Recovery Plans that are in use within the SCA Fellowship are provided. A copy of the Winter, 2003 SCAnner – SRP Edition newsletter is included. This has a thorough review of how to draft a Sexual Recovery Plan and includes numerous reproductions of actual SCA member Sexual Recovery Plans, plus their thoughts on them.

Materials on an important tool of recovery, Sponsorship, are supplied. Along with a general discussion of sponsorship, there are practical tips on How to Get A Sponsor as a member of the online and telephone meetings. Information on the International Sponsor List is given by way of a flyer.

Discussions of specific aspects and tools of recovery are furnished, such as Meetings, Literature, The Telephone, Dating, and Service, along with the SCA Blue Book, SCA’s basic text. There are Commentaries on SCA’s Twelve Traditions and The Characteristics Most of Us Seem to Have in Common. These discuss the content of the respective core texts in more detail.

SCA derives from the first twelve-step recovery program, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and many key concepts of the SCA Program are modelled on the principles and workings of the AA Program. As such, links to key AA texts are provided, namely the AA Big Book and 12 Steps & 12 Traditions. These outline fundamental aspects of twelve-step recovery. Practical charts and outlines for doing a Fourth Step inventory are supplied. These are also relevant to doing Tenth Step work. 

The remainder of the materials provided in this section are largely service related. Included are the texts of the Meeting Formats and Group Consciences for all the online meetings, as well as the Recovery Lounge Guidelines. These materials are available for review by members and both review and use by trusted servants.

Items such as the 7th Tradition Reminder are intended both for reference by members and use by the Online Intergroup trusted servants in carrying out their service work.

For convenience, links to the Newcomer Overview and Newcomer Package that are available via the Online Intergroup website’s home page are also included here. These materials are intended for reference and use by telephone meeting members in particular. Their inclusion here is a way to allow for the provision of this information to members as may be needed.

Lastly, there is a discussion of the general nature and functioning of an SCA Intergroup as a service body, along with utility links to the Online Intergroup Seventh Tradition donation page, and the Bulletin Board information area for the online meetings. 

Click on any link in the panel listing to reach the resources and read the documents.