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The Promises of Sexual Compulsives Anonymous

WHEN we each work the Sexual Compulsives Anonymous program to the best of our ability, and find a Higher Power on which we can depend for recovery and healing, our collective experience has shown us that we can expect the following results:

When confronted with the void within, we will be able to decide not to act out, at least not today.

We will realize that we are not our addiction, and find we can stop obsessing about sex and romance, or avoiding them compulsively.

We will let go of sexual compulsion as our higher power and each discover in our own way a faith that works.

We will grasp the concept of God as we understand God.

We will find it progressively easier to stay on our Sexual Recovery Plan, and discover that sexual sobriety is more rewarding than compulsive sex.

We will stop pursuing those who are unavailable, or who would reject or abuse us.

We will lose our fear of other people and our fear of our own sexuality.

We will learn to recognize the difference between sex, love, and affection.

We will discover ourselves, our spirituality, and our connection to our Higher Power.

We will find it easier to entrust outcomes to our Higher Power, and at the same time we will begin to gain understanding about God’s work in our lives.

We will allow our Higher Power to be our guide in relationships, even if this means no relationship for now.*

We will surrender to the possibility that if we do not have a life partner, this is not a punishment or deprivation, but God’s will letting us know what is right for us at this time.

We will experience a rebirth of our relationship with ourselves and our Higher Power, then with others.

We will become relaxed enough to be attractive to others instead of coming across as desperate and needy.

We will rekindle hobbies and interests we had lost to addiction and discover new ones.

We will trust in a Power greater than ourselves that loves us and wants us to be happy.

We will develop patience and trust for our healing process, and continue to benefit from witnessing others recover.

We will stop seeing ourselves as victims; instead we will learn that we can take responsibility in our lives with the help and grace of our Higher Power.

We will realize we are not empty; in fact, we have always been whole. Our character defects are wounds to be healed, not something innate.

We will discover prayer and meditation, and find spiritual renewal through doing acts of service within SCA and beyond.

We will seek spiritual progress, not perfection, comparing ourselves not to others, but to the people we used to be.

Our lives will gain new meaning, whether we are in a relationship or out of one.

Our lives will become manageable, and we will experience increasing serenity and recovery.

We will finally find peace with God, ourselves, our loved ones, our fellow human beings and our sexuality.


* SCA Conference-approved Moving Through Withdrawal text: “We will allow our Higher Power to be our Divine Matchmaker, even if this means no match for now.”

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