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SCA Blue Book

“SCA – A Program of Recovery,” also known as the SCA Blue Book, is SCA’s primary text. It outlines the SCA Program of Recovery and provides a number of guides for drawing up a personal Sexual Recovery Plan.

The Blue Book contains core SCA texts. Many of these are routinely read at SCA meetings.

Included are the SCA Statement of Purpose, the Twelve Suggested Steps of SCA, the Twelve Traditions of SCA, The Characteristics Most of Us Seem to Have in Common, The Tools That Help Us Get Better, and the Closing Statement.

Other contents are Four Obstacles to Success, What Happens at SCA Meetings, Sponsorship, Sobriety and Responsibility, Sexual Recovery Plan, Using the Telephone, Service, Fourteen Ways to Avoid A Slip, Masturbation and Recovery, Secret Shame and Origins of SCA (Founder Stories).

Appendices include a selection of pertinent AA writings and prayers, along with write-ups on How to Start an SCA Meeting, Sample Meeting Formats and Intergroup and Other Business Information. 

Click here to read SCA – A Program of Recovery.