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“Sponsorship is two people with the same problem helping each other to work the program. It can provide a framework for a sexual recovery plan and for doing the Twelve Steps, and can bring emotional support at difficult times.” The Tools That Help Us Get Better

Sponsorship Service in SCA

The sponsor/sponsee relationship is a major form of service. Sponsors and sponsees serve one another. Sponsors share perspective, strength and hope. Sponsees help sponsors recall the pain and anguish of acting out and the strengths and rewards of early recovery. When we sponsor others, we commit ourselves to be there for them and as a result we feel more firmly involved in the process of recovery. We can also serve as interim or temporary sponsors, thus giving beginners immediate access to the benefits of sponsorship.

(Extract from “SCA – A Program of Recovery” © SCA-ISO)

The remainder of this section provides a general discussion of sponsorship, a link to a more detailed discussion of the subject, practical tips on how to get a sponsor as a member of the online and telephone meetings, and information on SCA’s International Sponsor List by way of a flyer.

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