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Request Access to the Telephone Meetings

Complete the form below to request information needed to attend an SCA telephone meeting. In completing this form, you are acknowledging either that you do, or think you might, qualify for membership in SCA. (The Third Tradition states that "the only requirement for SCA membership is a desire to stop having compulsive sex.")

The International Meeting List provides the day and time of our telephone meetings. We will send you information on how to attend any of them, but if you know you do not wish to attend certain meetings, please specify that in the "Additional Comments or Questions" space below.

Push the "Send E-mail" button at the bottom when you have completed the form. A volunteer SCA member from Online Intergroup will respond by email to the address you list below with the desired information.

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I'd like to attend a telephone meeting. I am, or think I might be, sexually compulsive. Please send a call-in number and conference code to the email address I've provided. I understand that I will receive an invitation, weekly reminders and occasional administrative correspondence by email at the email address I have provided, for as long as I am registered as a participant for each telephone meeting I choose to attend.

Additional comments or questions: